UV Coating

UV Coating is a process in which a liquid coating is spread over the surface of a printed sheet and then cured to form a plastic sealant. It will either add a scuff resistance to the ink for protection or enhance the aesthetics of the piece by highlighting certain areas. Standard UV's are available in a high gloss or matte finish. We also have many specialty products like scratch off coatings, simulated emboss or a sand textured finish.

Die Cutting

Diecutting is when we create a Steel Rule die to cut the same shape out of multiple sheets of paper. Quantities can range from 50 pieces to 1,000,000 or more. Often times we then take the shapes and manipulate then into other products, such as in the case of a presentation folder.

PMC Die Cutting

PMC diecutting is a fantastic option when no "nicks" are allowed. The piece is cut to a size 1/8" larger than the final diecut size and then put to a special machine that will diecut multiple pieces at a time without the need to nick it in place. It is commonly used for decks of cards and producing labels.

Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping a sheet can add the "pizazz" that you are looking for. Whether you have a laminated book cover or an uncoated pocket folder, we can handle them all. With our wide variety of colors, finishes, and patterns available, I am sure you can find something that will make you stand out!


Embossing is when we utilize a set of male/female dies in order to stretch the fibers of the paper. The pressure of the dies coming together will raise the image above the rest of the substrate. Debossing is a similar process but will recess the image as opposed to raising it.


Need a stronger product? Lamination provides a classic even finish that will battle wear and tear. At Graphic Arts Finishers, we can provide you quality lamination for virtually any product.


If it can be done automatically we can do it! If it cannot we have a group of expert assemblers to do your project by hand. From Key Holders to the most complex box designs we can handle it from start to finish.


Mounting is the process of gluing to sheets of material together. Typical applications would be duplexing two similar boards together, mounting text weight to a thicker board (ex: 48pt board), or adhering a text weight stock to corrugated for a custom carton. After mounting it is not uncommon for us to do further finishing work such as diecutting or affixing easles.


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